Over the last decade we've been really busy and have had hundreds of Great Times, and have also had many Adventures- some funny, some scary and some tough to get thru. But we kept pushin' on thru it all, managed to keep smiling and even accomplish some stuff along the way. Here's some of the Highlights:

Cheap 'n Easy has had more shows than just about any other Act in NWPA over the decade. Our shows have taken us over the entire Region, from New York to Ohio, the Dock to West Virginia and Florida.

Coolest Adventure first...

...We're set to open a big concert. We're to be the first up, to play for folks who are ariving before the bands start. The main Band's equipment is late bacause of traffic on the road. First We're told our set is cut from 45 to 30 minutes. The audience is getting edgy, ready to Rock. Then we're informed that only one band will be allowed to play. The other bands know each other and agree to share equipment and split time but we're dealt out. The bands do a Great job rockin' the house- second band finishes and the singer announces to a record breaking house that Bret Michaels will be next. Then the venue manager comes up and says 'grab your guitar and plug in'. Sound scary? It was. But we're a lil' ol acoustic act from NWPA. We had a BLAST!!!!!

We have:

NEVER given a straight answer to the question- 'who's Cheap and who's Easy', despite having been asked thousands of times over the years.

Played on an outdoor stage at a benefit while it was snowing.

Toured in Florida

Booked a show at the Ugly Tuna while sitting at Crabby's (Clearwater Beach, Fl) waiting on shark kabobs and mahi-mahi sandwiches and sipping a naked turtle rum runner.
Spent the night in a ditch in the cold and rain, lost and miles from nowhere.
Spent the night stranded by a snowstorm in a one room Amish built cabin heated by a wood stove.
Broadsided a deer running at a full gallop at 55mph.
Played to full houses.
Played the song 'Country Roads' at a friend's wedding on a Country Road in West Virginia.
Got hit in the head by a flying gourd.
Opened Concerts.
Maintained a steady bi-monthly venue for several years.
Been staples at several Annual Events.
Passed through 3 separate DUI checkpoints- Unscathed!!!
Played Picnics and Parties.
Played an entire show with the hick-ups.
Played Benefits.
Played to empty bars.
Vacationed at Myrtle Beach.
Fixed a gas line in the cold December rain.
Unloaded all our gear on the roadside to fix a flat tire.
Spent the night at a Holiday Inn Express.
Had to get pulled out of a snowbank.
Full time Day Jobs and Kids.
Played a show with a fresh deep cut on the hand that wouldn't stop bleeding because it couldn't be properly bandaged.
Played shows too soon after various surgical procedures.
Played at the Warner Theatre at the behest of the County Executive.
Played 2 shows in different towns on the same day. A few times.
Woke up from a late night show just in time to get ready and go do a daytime show. A few times.
Spent the night snowed in at Steve's house.
We got really cool promo pics.
We sell merchandise, and have out own line of clothes.


Cheap 'n Easy

Rockin' Acoustic